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Today, we’re ready to help Cisco resources go further and Cisco business move faster—with a flexible, accelerated storage foundation that outpaces the competition and offers higher quality services.

Why NetApp?

Why NetApp?

  • The world’s leading companies use NetApp storage to help them go further, faster
  • 25+ years of experience delivering data management solutions
  • #1 ONTAP®, the world’s leading branded storage OS; #1 in all-flash array storage operating system; #1 in storage and device management software; #1 in storage for OpenStack
  • Leader in four Gartner Magic Quadrants; #1 in Gartner next-gen data center critical capabilities, 2014-2016
  • Fastest-growing SAN and all-flash storage vendor; #1 in converged capacity shipped per IDC
  • #1 in all six categories for all-flash NAS and unified SAN/NAS arrays in 2016 Brand Leader Survey

Simplify Your Application Infrastructure

Built on Cisco UCS, Cisco Nexus family switches, and NetApp® data management solutions, FlexPod is an integrated infrastructure solution that can help you accelerate and simplify your IT while also increasing agility and efficiency



Combining the expertise of our two organizations, FlexPod is relied on by more than 8,400 of our customers worldwide.

  • Flexible design with a broad range of reference architectures and validated designs for popular applications
  • Elimination of costly, disruptive downtime through ONTAP or self-healing NetApp SolidFire® storage
  • Pervasive simplicity and agility with the software-driven architecture and high performance of Cisco UCS compute
  • Centralized, policy-driven automation via Cisco ACI that accelerates application deployments
  • Multiprotocol FAS storage platform that unifies application silos, allowing NAS or SAN, file, or block storage on one converged platform
  • Support for private, public, or hybrid cloud strategies with a consistent set of data management tools for edge, private, and public clouds

NetApp on Cisco UCS

All of the solutions described below can be run as software on Cisco UCS server hardware

NetApp SolidFire on UCS – FlexPod SF
Built via collaboration between our two organizations, FlexPod SF is an innovative cloud storage infrastructure solution with the proven performance, proven agility, and proven value required for Cisco’s business. Learn more about FlexPod SF

NetApp StorageGRID Object Storage
NetApp StorageGRID® is a software-defined object-based storage solution that provides intelligent policy-driven data management. StorageGRID provides industry-leading Amazon S3 API compatibility with advanced Amazon S3 features, including object versioning, multipart upload, and AWS Identity and Access Management–styled access policies. Software defined storage gives you the choice of deploying StorageGRID nodes as virtual machines, as optimized hardware-based appliances, as bare-metal servers with Docker containers, or as a combination Learn more about StorageGRID Object Storage

NetApp ONTAP Select
Powered by ONTAP enterprise-grade data management software, ONTAP Select delivers the flexibility of serving NFS, CIFS, and iSCSI all from the same storage platform. Leverage ONTAP storage efficiency technologies and data protection features in the same fashion as our engineered FAS and AFF platforms, but deploy ONTAP Select on new UCS servers or on your existing UCS server infrastructure for added flexibility. Learn more about ONTAP Select

Your Cloud Applications. Our Data Expertise.

Perform reliably and cost effectively, and never lose control of your data throughout your multi-cloud ecosystem.

 Cloud Application Solutions

Cloud Application Solutions

NetApp Cloud Control for Office 365: Protect your Office 365 data in the event of accidental deletion or corruption with this SaaS offering.

NetApp Cloud Sync Service: Move and continuously synchronize data between on-premises or AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) cloud storage with this SaaS offering

NetApp Private Storage (NPS): Use compute and network resources in the cloud while leveraging data on an asset you own.

ONTAP Cloud: Our core storage operating system can run natively in AWS and Azure, allowing Cisco to stretch existing infrastructure into the public cloud using known processes, APIs, storage efficiencies, and data transfer capabilities.

StorageGRID: Delivers object storage for web-scale applications, supports common cloud APIs, and provides massive scalability with advanced information lifecycle management policies.

AltaVault Cloud: Back up data to public or private clouds to significantly reduce long-term retention costs

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